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XBPlay: Video Performance Settings

There are various video performance settings that you can tune to get the best results for your specific setup.

To adjust the advanced video settings, open the in-game side menu and go to "Settings -> Advanced"

Available Settings


  • Adjust the resolution setting between 1080p and 720p. Note that Xbox 360 games can only be played if you select the 1080p resolution. If the resolution is set to 720p, the Xbox console will think it's connecting to a mobile device, where Xbox 360 games are intentionally blocked.


  • Adjust the codec level between High, Medium, and Low. This will impact the compression ratio of the video and change the image quality and bandwidth usage.

  • When left to "Auto Detect", many devices default to the lowest codec, which may result in more compression objects.

  • You can see which codec is used by looking at the nerd stats overlay at the top of the screen.

  • Forcing a specific codec can result in the video never starting. This will happen if your device doesn't support the codec that you selected. If this happens, you must select a different codec or reset it to "Auto Detect".


  • Adjust the bitrate to increase the quality of the stream.

  • Setting a value too low will result in choppy pixelated video.

  • If left to "Auto Detect", the bitrate will be adjusted automatically based on your available bandwidth.

A Note on Settings:

The XBPlay app aims to provide users with essential tools to customize their Remote Play experience according to their unique setups. Unlike the official app, which simplifies the interface and hides settings in a one-size-fits-all approach, XBPlay takes a different approach. While Microsoft's method facilitates a quick start, it can be hit or miss. If network issues arise, there's limited flexibility for adjustments. XBPlay addresses this by allowing users to fine-tune settings and optimize their experience based on their specific network and device conditions.

"Best Settings"

The best settings will depend on your specific device and network. However, here are my favorite settings which I often switch between depending on the game I am playing.

1. Image Quality Optimized

  • Resolution: 1080p

  • Codec: High

  • Bitrate: Auto

  • Clarity Boost: CAS (or FSR on a 2k+ screen).

  • Details: These settings should produce the best picture quality, but it comes at the expense of latency. I generally use this setting when playing a RPG or slower-paced game where I want to enjoy a sharp clear image and don't care about a few extra MS of latency.

2. Latency Optimized

  • Resolution: 720p

  • Codec: Low

  • Bitrate: Auto

  • Clarity Boost: None

  • Details: These settings should produce the least amount of lag, but it comes at the expense of picture quality. I generally use this setting when playing a fast-paced game where I don't particularly care about how sharp the image is, for example, I use this for Rocket League and FPS if I'm playing online.

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