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XBPlay Versus Alternatives

What are the benefits of the XBPlay app compared to the official app and other solutions?

All Platforms:

There are several key benefits of the XBPlay app available on all platforms. Those features include:

Clarity Boost

Mouse and Keyboard Support

Game Mods

Customize Video Fit and Look

Advanced Performance Settings:

Touch Controls

Gamepad Only Mode

  • Use your device as an Xbox controller without wasting bandwidth to stream your Xbox's screen.

Supports Restricted Regions

  • Play xCloud from any region without worrying about region restrictions. Simply select a custom region and login, no VPN required.

Remote Play from Anywhere


In addition to the features available on all platforms, on Android there are even more benefits to the XBPlay app.

Navigation Remote

  • Use the navigation remote, widgets, and voice remote to quickly control apps on your Xbox.

  • Use the power button to remotely power your console on and off.

Media Cast

  • Play music and video from your phone on your console.

TV Companion

  • Use the TV companion features to easily login to the Android TV version of the XBPlay app.

xCloud Shortcuts

  • Add XCloud shortcuts to add home-screen with artwork to launch directly into an xCloud game.

Steam Deck

Benefit from all features in the "All Platforms" section, plus:

Easy Setup

  • Since the XBPlay app is available directly in the Steam Store, you can quickly and easily download the app and start remote playing. No workarounds, hacks, or coding. Just download and start playing.

XCloud Shortcuts

  • Add shortcuts and artwork for any xCloud game. This allows you to see your favorite xCloud games right in your Steam library, it even sets the artwork for you!


Benefit from all features in the "All Platforms" section, plus:


  • The iOS app allows you to play xCloud games straight from the app rather than setting up browser shortcuts to play xCloud games.


  • Use the MirrorCast feature to enable any device on your local network to stream from your console.

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