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XBPlay: Mouse and Keyboard (MnK)

Updated: Jan 8

Play with a mouse and keyboard with the XBPlay app!

To enable mouse and keyboard support, open the settings and go to the MnK setting and toggle mouse to enabled.


There are two modes to choose from for Mouse and Keyboard support. Simulated and Direct.

1. Simulated Mode:

Simulates mouse support by mapping mouse movements to the controller joystick. Its compatible with all games but users may need to tweak in-game settings for optimal performance.

  • Works for xHome and xCloud

  • Games don't need to support true mouse input

  • May require in-game tuning (increase sensitivity, disable dead-zones)

  • Less precise than 'Direct Mouse Mode'

2. Direct/Native Mode:

Directly maps mouse movement to the game, providing authentic mouse support for games that officially endorse mouse interaction. Direct mouse support is not officially released by Microsoft so some games that have mouse support may not function still. If you notice mouse input works for game menus but not gameplay, then it's likely the game doesn't fully support direct mode yet.

A workaround may exist that enables direct mouse support during local remote play (xHome) for some games called the sacrificial mouse hack. Simply connect an old spare mouse to your console and leave it connected. This will trick the Xbox into recognizing the app's mouse input as originating from the wired mouse, allowing true mouse support over remote play for most games. You can leave the mouse plugged in, and it will work even if the console reboots.

  • Only works for games that officially support mouse input

  • More precise than 'Simulated Mouse Mode'

  • May require 'sacrificial mouse' hack for some games

Map the mouse buttons to gamepad buttons for simulation mode in the MnK settings

Bind any keyboard button to a gamepad button for situation mode

Update 12/1/2023: Microsoft has tried to disable direct mode on xCloud. This mode may no longer work until Microsoft officially supports Mouse and Keyboard. Remote play should still allow direct MnK support but may require the sacrificial mouse hack.

Pointer Lock:

Enabling pointer lock hides the mouse pointer. This is useful when enabling the mouse so that you don't see the default mouse pointer when an in-game mouse pointer is shown.

Enable: Double click the screen to hide the mouse pointer when this feature is enabled.

Disable: Press the escape key or the guide button to show the mouse pointer again.

Steam Deck - Important: On Steam Deck devices, enabling pointer lock will disable touch input! Use the Menu+View button open the in-game side menu to disable pointer lock.

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