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XBPlay: Community Touch Controls

Updated: Jan 7

The Community Builds feature allows anyone to download custom touch layout created and maintained by the community.

To browse and download a touch layouts, start by opening the side menu and clicking the community downloads button.

Use the tabs on the left to browse different layouts and view how the layout looks on the right. Once you find a layout that looks good, click the download button in the bottom right.

Enter a name and click the "Save and Set Active" button to download and enable the touch layout.

Once downloaded, the touch layout will be displayed on the remote play screen. This allows anyone to use many different touch configurations without needing to create them manually.

To change back to the default touch layout (or any other downloaded touch layouts) open the settings and click the "Touch Layouts" button.

Select any and downloaded touch layout from the dropdown list and click "Load Controller" to load the downloaded touch controller.

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