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XBPlay: Game Mods

Updated: Jan 8

To view available mods, click the game mods button in the in-game side menu.

Toggle the checkbox for a game mod that you want to enable. Most mods have a ranger slider to fine tune the mods behavior.

Details of each game mod

Zoom on ADS Mod

  • Description: [Not Available in Gamepad-Only Mode] This mod zooms in the entire video when you pull the left trigger. This can help in FPS games where you pull the left trigger to zoom down the sights.

Overlay Reticle Mod

  • Description: [Not Available in Gamepad-Only Mode] This mod puts crosshairs in the center of the screen to help with aiming.

Rapid Fire Mod

  • Description: The rapid fire mod quickly toggles the right trigger while the right trigger is held.

  • Details: Rapid Fire Mod is designed for semi-automatic and single shot weapons. The feature makes them shoot as fully auto ones and gives the players greater firing power compared to the one achieved through manual “Fire Button” pulling. In simple terms, the Mod pulls the “Fire Button” on your behalf. When you hold down the RT button, the mod keeps pressing the fire-button in the background over and over again until you release it. It also lets you focus on aiming better by taking away a need for constantly smashing the “Fire-Button” While Rapid Fire will not usually make a full-auto gun shoot any faster, it can have positive side effects on full-auto guns, such as eliminating recoil, thus increasing accuracy at a long range.

  • Additional Notes:

    • Every game and gun have a speed cap added by the game developers. It is impossible for any controller to go above that cap and shoot faster since it has been coded in the game.

    • You can adjust the fire delay to make Rapid Fire shoot as fast as the game allows.

    • Rapid Fire mod is not effective for single shot weapons that have a very slow firing rate such as Bolt Action Rifles.

Quick Scope

  • Description: The quick scope mode will automatically fire when the left trigger is pressed. The fire delay should be adjusted for your weapon.

  • Details: Quickscoping is widely used in Call of Duty games. The idea with Quick Scope mod is to use a sniper rifle, scope in and fire the shot just as the gun scopes in. With the mod activated, the user can get the timing and the aiming down perfectly.

  • Additional Notes:

    • The mod won’t automatically aim for you when you scope your rifle in. There is no such thing as auto-aim in the Multiplayer mode.

    • When the mod is activated and the user taps the aim button (the LT button), the mod will hold sniper breath and take a shot automatically.

    • If the user keeps holding the LT button, the mod will press the fire button on the user’s behalf (making single sniper’s shots) until the button is released.

    • The time (delay) between the scoping in and taking a shot can and should be adjusted for your weapon.

Jump Shot Mod

  • Description: The jump shot mod will automatically jump (press the A button) when firing (RT pressed).

  • Details: When Jump Shot is enabled, your soldier automatically jumps up in the air once you fire your weapon, and throws your opponent's aim off. This ability can be wildly beneficial, as jumping while instantaneously shooting is a great way to avoid getting shot. You can cancel the jumpshot function by pressing ADS button (LT) before the RT if you want to shoot normally without jumping.

Drop Shot

  • Description: The drop shot mod will hold the B button to go prone when firing.

  • Details: Drop Shot makes your character drop to the ground automatically each time you fire your weapon, allowing the bullets to hit the opponent’s entire body while also forcing the opponent to aim downward to get a shot off. You can cancel the dropshot function by pressing ADS button (LT) before the RT if you want to shoot normally without dropping to the ground.

Sniper Breath

  • Description: The sniper breath mod will hold the LS while aiming down the sights.

  • Details: The Sniper Breath mod allows the user to automatically hold their breath while aiming, thus significantly enhancing accuracy. The mod is specially designed for Call of Duty and Battlefield games. When the user presses the “Aim Button” and the mod is active, the mod will automatically hold the breath, eliminating the need to push in the Left Stick. That will allow the player to focus on aiming and shooting the enemy down more effectively.

  • Additional Notes: The mod will hold the breath for the time allowed by the game, which is around 3 - 4 seconds usually. Some perks in the game may increase the “holding breath time”. (Example: “Iron Lungs” in Blackout)

Auto Run

  • Description: The auto run mod will press the LS button any time you are moving forward.

  • Details: You can utilize the functionality of Auto Sprint mod in Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield, and other FPS games. With activated Auto Sprint, you no longer need to constantly hit the Left Thumbstick to make your soldier run, as the mod will do it for you automatically. Whenever you move the LS more than 50% forward, auto sprint will be activated.

Digital Triggers

  • Description: The digital triggers mod will make your triggers go to 100% pressed whenever they are pressed.

  • Details: This mod will increase ADS speed and give overall quicker responses for games that you don't need partial trigger pulls.

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